#4 In Our Summer of Organized Travel: Packing Tips


#4 on our Summer of Organized Travel is my least favorite, Packing.Though it is essential, it doesn't have to be difficult:

Make a list before you begin, even if it's just a general outline of what you'll need. This works especially well with older kids who are capable of packing for themselves if they have a little guidance. Such as:

3 short sleeve shirts

3 shorts

4 socks

4 undies


-Also, roll up your clothes to fit more into your suitcase.

-Bring extra plastic bags and be amazed at how often they come in handy (think: leaky shampoo bottles, snacks, wet clothes, laundry).

-Choose only a few pairs of shoes that can multitask.

-Always pack clothing that can be layered between indoor and outdoor venues.

-Bring clothes in complementary colors that you can mix & match for more outfit choices.