The Art of School Lunch

Back to school lunch organization can be a hassle, but if you get your kids involved, it can be a breeze. Create bins filled with lunch items. Swipe right to see how to set up your bins. Crackers in one bin, juice boxes in another, fruit in yet get the picture. The night before, have your kids choose 1 item from each bin to put in their lunches. Having your kids choose their own lunches also insures that they are more likely to eat what has been packed.


Dominate Kid Art Storage


Here's the big question about back to school? What the heck do you do with all that paperwork? You love everything your child brings home, but no one can keep all that!! Choose what you love most and take a photo. Use the photos to create an album. You can print the albums through services such as @chatbooks. Now you have all of your favorite art and schoolwork pieces in one tidy book!

Destination Command Center


Find the right spot for your command center. Whether it's a corner in the kitchen, a nook in a hallway, or a centrally located home office, having a central hub is key. Determine what belongs here and what doesn’t. Suggested yeses: bills, sports schedules, medical records, school papers with short-term relevance. No's: backpacks, 3-D art projects, magazines, newspapers. If you don't have a system, your command center will become hot mess central!

5 Things to Toss From Your Command Center

Let's take charge of that command center with 10 things to toss right now!

- Expired coupons

- Old invitations

- Out-of-date school forms

- The overflow of paper clips (anything beyond a small handful)

- Duplicate water bottles you never use

- Random product manuals (you can usually find them online)

- Broken electronics

- Pens that don't work

- Extra change jars (consolidate all coins into one container)

- Random knickknacks that landed here, like key chains and piñata prizes