Wall Art Hanging Tips - Keep it Level

Wall Art and Portrait Hanging, Tip #3:

It is very common for people to hang art too high. The center of the image should be at your eye level. But in areas like your living room, where people tend to be sitting, your photos or art should be hung lower. A good way to be sure you're placing artwork at the right height is to hang it one hand width above the sofa.

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Wall Art Hanging Tips

Part of having a tidy and pleasing space, is knowing how to arrange (or organize) the things that you put on your walls. I love to share tips and fun little how to’s, not just about organizing, but also about how you can make your living place, a more enjoyable space. I hope you’ll enjoy this short series on Wall Art and Portrait Hanging.

Now that the hustle of the holidays is over, and the holiday decor has been put away, it's time to think about how you're going to display those beautiful family photos you had taken.

Hanging photos or wall art of any kind, can be frustrating. Here is a quick easy way to hang your art without destroying you walls.

  1. Trace and cut each piece or photo on kraft paper (I have also used newspaper) If you're hanging portraits, draw arrows on the paper to indicate which way the subject is looking. Use painter's tape to try out placements and arrangements without covering your wall with holes.

  2. Next mark the on each piece of paper, where the hangers are on the back of your frames.

  3. Use these marks and hammer in your nails directly over the paper.

  4. Remove the paper and hang your photos.