Freedom from paper clutter. 

Paper. We all have it. How do we keep it from having us? Let me show you how. We'll clear the paper clutter in your home or office and put a solution in place where you can find what you need, when you need it. Using the FreedomFiler® system, we will organize your action items, keeping them front and center so you can take care of business, and set up storage files for documents you need to reference later.
Choose your preferred level of service. 


Just Get Me Started (Solution A):
If you have minimal paper clutter or just love organizing, this option is great for you! Includes an on-site consultation and a FreedomFiler kit. $100

Walk Me Through It (Solution B):
The perfect option if you prefer more guidance but would like to do some of the work on your own. Includes an on-site consultation, a FreedomFiler kit, start-up supplies and a 4 hours of organizing time. $430

I Have LOTS of Paper (Solution C):
If you simply hate paper or the project seems insurmountable, this option is for you! Includes an on-site consultation, a FreedomFiler kit, start-up supplies, all supplies and a 8 hours of organizing time. $720

OMG! I wish you were here in Chicago, right now,
to help me get my paperwork and desk organized here!
— Kathleen C. -client, formerly of San Diego

Put paper in its place.


Solutions that work for me personally.

“Karen is absolutely amazing. She took her time, found out my needs and now I have an entirely improved filing and organization system that can turn mobile instantly. I personally had been struggling to find a mobile organization solution for my office and taking things on the road with me to see clients.  Thanks, Karen, for your expertise. I love people who are out of the box thinkers and can find solutions that work for me personally.”

— K.M., La Mesa, CA